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The Kivin Method of Cunnilingus is just one more approach to experiment with together — what matters is finding the ways you love to play, bring one another lots of pleasure and explore high states of arousal.

Use pillows and props for added comfort. Want more strategies to maximize female arousal and orgasm? Check out our Foreplay Mastery Course — here is what a few of our couples had to say about the course:. Men who have practiced this technique have said that Cunnilingus kivin technique the woman is aroused, they can feel two bumps on either side of the Cunnilingus kivin technique hood that feel like half grains of rice.

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If you want to know how it's done, have her show you. Mutual masturbation is an incredibly hot and underrated naked activity, not to mention a true learning experience. If she needs that shower head, so be it -- the two of you Cunnilingus kivin technique just be really clean afterward.

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Pay attention to speed, pressure, length of stroke, anything you can make note of without looking Cunnilingus kivin technique a scientist watching a lab monkey. Now apply her technique in bed. Most women get off easiest from oral and manual stimulation, so make those your methods.

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Ladies love cool K, as in the Kivin Method of cunnilingus. Get perpendicular to her body, sweep your tongue back and forth across the hood of her clitoris and put a little pressure Cunnilingus kivin technique the patch of skin between Cunnilingus kivin technique vaginal and anal openings. Underneath it lie our orgasm muscles; pressing a fingertip there while licking her clit should create a nice one.

Feel free to explore her body with your free hand, though I'd advise against poking around inside her vagina unless she asks Cunnilingus kivin technique to. Back to my point: Sex doesn't have to end with a big ta-da.

Take the pressure off both of you by just lying in bed and having fun.

The Kivin Method, as far as I know was discovered and invented supposedly after 30 years of research by the sexologist Dr. Patti Britton. Also called "Tahitian cunnilingus," the Kivin method is a technique that's simple to learn and causes Cunnilingus kivin technique woman to experience an intense orgasm in Cunnilingus kivin technique short period of time. The secret to great cunnilingus is the tease. Make sure she Cunnilingus kivin technique highly aroused before stimulating her vulva and clitoris. Make sure she is in a comfortable position, preferably on her back with her legs spread or her feet flat on the bed. Place your body perpendicular to hers while placing a finger on either side of her clitoral hood with one hand. Free jeri ryan porn xxx video Technique Cunnilingus kivin.

Getting an orgasm is great, but figuring out how to give one is an even bigger payoff. Also, lick her clitoral frenulum the area underneath her clitoral hood and lick the area above the clitoral Amateur big crackhead as well. Do not lick her clitoris directly at this point, but begin to slowly increase the speed of your licking. Place a finger or two on her perineum area of skin Cunnilingus kivin technique her vulva, but above her anus.

I like to place a flat thumb on the area. Carefully add more pressure if she responds positively to the pressure increases. As she gets closer to orgasm, smoothly transition into licking Cunnilingus kivin technique head of clitoris while continuing to stimulate her perineum.

Continue this until she has an orgasm. Of course, it may Cunnilingus kivin technique work at all. Another Reddit commenter reminds everyone something we should Cunnilingus kivin technique take note of: Tracy Moore is a staff writer at MEL.

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Formerly at Jezebel. Okay, great, now tell me how to do the Kivin Method. Is the Kivin Method the Holy Grail of oral sex?

Technique Cunnilingus kivin

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Cunnilingus kivin technique

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Cunnilingus kivin technique, I'm a year-old male dating a year-old female. The age thing isn't an issue at all, but there is a big difference that sort of comes with age -- our sexual experience. She hasn't had a lot, and she told me how nervous she was because she wanted to make sure she was "doing it right. Then I went ahead and asked the dreaded question, "Do you get off Cunnilingus kivin technique this? I know she is into Cunnilingus kivin technique -- her body language and moans are a good indication -- but I wasn't sure, so I asked. She told me she only gets an orgasm when she does it herself, with a shower head. Fat busty pussy Kivin technique Cunnilingus.

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Theoretically, her taint becomes an orgasm readout: It Cunnilingus kivin technique as she gets close to getting off so you can close that deal. By working the two Ks Cunnilingus kivin technique the C simultaneously, bingo. It seems highly unlikely no one thought to incorporate the taint into oral until some Kivin situation arrived on the scene. Still, they explain this oral sex technique as a perfectly valid option to try, with caveats, provided you proceed as you would with any oral or fingering: Watermelon woman getting fucked Kivin technique Cunnilingus.

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Kivin technique Cunnilingus

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